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  • Identify creative ways of attracting new members

  • Organize a membership drive

  • Develop an orientation program

  • Develop a new member mentor program

  • Initiate new members

  • Develop new initiation programs

  • Develop membership goals and action steps

  • Submit updates verbally at business meetings and to the newsletter editor

  • Make sure all paperwork is correctly filled out and dues from new members submitted to the treasurer.

  • Develop and update existing membership recruitment materials

  • Assist with coordination of the installation of the board with a theme

  • Revise the membership procedures, as needed

  • Work with the Strategic Planning Committee to develop membership goals and action steps

  • Be familiar with the Club, District and the International Long Range/Strategic Plan.

  • 2nd Vice President has assumed responsibilities for Altrusa Accent



  • Meet annually to form committee plan and budget

  • Meet as needed on an ad hoc basis

  • Submit at least one program idea for a program meeting

  • Conduct an annual re-orientation meeting in September


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