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  • Produce monthly newsletter

  • Produce annual updated yearbook

  • Keep promotional brochures updated

  • Produce new brochures as needed

  • Produce materials for special projects as requested

  • Be responsible for the club’s archives

  • Forward items to the District Service Bulletin editor

  • Organize publicity for club activities

  • Update social media and website as needed

  • Keep the club up to date concerning any changes from the Bylaws, Resolutions, and Recommendations Committee

  • Work with the president to produce a club evaluation form

  • Keep updated member profiles for press items and yearbook


General items:

  • Be familiar with the Club, District and International Long Range/Strategic Plan. Study the functions of this committee as it relates to these plans.

  • Organize a presentation for at least one program meeting per year

  • Actively seek articles for the newsletter from all members

  • Obtain new member profiles for the yearbook and newsletter



  • Annual planning meeting for the committee to be scheduled

  • Ad hoc meetings as needed

  • Oral committee report to be presented to membership at the Business Meeting each month

  • Submit monthly update to Newsletter Editor with committee activities and accomplishments

  • Budget to the board of directors by June 30


  • Awards - prepare and submit relevant awards to President by deadlines - 


- Newsletter award


- Todd Jordan Yearbook award


- Club Website award



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