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Purpose: To identify, recognize, encourage and award high achieving students attending public schools within the Haywood County School District.

Need: To provide motivation to all vocational students so that they may strive for excellence in their respective vocational program.
Who is Eligible: All vocational students, 9th – 12th grades, who are currently enrolled in a Haywood County public high school.
Who is Involved:
  • Haywood County School District
  • Vocational Department
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Teachers
  • School Principals
  • School Counselors
  • Superintendent of Education Assistant 
The Altrusa Club of Waynesville recognizes one student per month from the local high schools.  These students are excelling in the vocational programs at their schools.  They may or may not be intending to attend college.  Altrusa chooses three students per year from each of the three high schools, Pisgah High School, Tuscola High School, and Central Haywood High School, from August through April.  Altrusa is very proud of the students we select.  We request the Mountaineer to publish an article about the students, along with their picture.  In May, we honor the students at a luncheon held in their honor during our meeting the first Tuesday of the month. We invite them to come to the luncheon with their parents and a representative from their school.  We also welcome them to apply for our scholarship program.
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