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The duties of the Boards of Directors in all Altrusa clubs are very specific and are outlined in the Encyclopedia. They are:


• Determine club Policies in line with Local, District, and International Bylaws.

• Transact all club business otherwise assigned.

• Act upon all recommendations for membership.

• Supervise club activities.

• Fill vacant Offices between elections.

• Grant leaves of absence.

• Determine causes for, and initiate plans to correct, excessive member loss, and low attendance.

• Designate a place to deposit club funds.

• Approve expenditures of funds.

• Provide for the bonding of the treasurer(s) at club expense.

• Provide for annual audit of club books including Club Foundation if applicable.

• Advise club members of Board actions through the club newsletter and club meetings.

• For good cause, declare any Office vacant.

• Recommend the Operating and Service Budgets to the membership for approval.


A well prepared Board will have no difficulty executing these duties and moving the club forward. Members will also experience a sense of growth and understanding of Altrusa.


The board meets monthly - usually on the first Tuesday of the month from 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM prior to the Business Meeting 


Board members have access to meeting minutes and other documents with a password-protected area on the website located here.


The committee chairs assume responsibility for programming. 

The Vice President assumes responsibility for presenting the Altrusa Accent and banners/flags. 

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