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Altrusa International of Waynesville is proud to support the students of Haywood county through a variety of academic awards and scholarships.  
They include:
  • Traditional Collegiate Scholarships
  • Non-Traditional Student Scholarships
History of the Waynesville Altrusa Scholarship Program:  In the beginning, the qualifications for scholarships were for the arts and agriculture. The original endowment came from funds we raised for the new arts building/program in Haywood County and then evolved into providing scholarships for students of the arts.   In later years, the scope expanded to include students pursuing careers in any field.  When the Soup and Cornbread fundraiser was first started (16 years ago) it was decided that the proceeds would fund our scholarships.  One of our earliest recipients was Ann Marie who graduated with a degree (which  we helped fund all the way through) and after graduation she got a job on Broadway (singing). The Scholarship Committee handles review of all scholarship applications, as well as administration of the student of the month program.  The total of scholarships awarded from 1991-2010 was $77,356

Altrusa Scholarships
Each year, on the fourth Tuesday of January, our club holds a fundraiser.  We serve soup and cornbread to the community during lunch and dinner to raise money for the scholarships we give out each year.  The funds we raise are invested with the Haywood County Schools Foundation and then awarded to students in May at the annual Partners in Education Dinner.

Traditional Scholarships
High school seniors apply for our traditional scholarships through the Haywood County School Foundation.(opportunity listed here). The scholarship committee reviews applications, paying particular attention to financial need, academic success, extracurricular activities, volunteer time, community involvement, work history, and essays.  Only students attending college in North Carolina (or East Tennessee State University) are eligible.  The committee annually grants approximately $10,000 in scholarships.  Scholarships range from $250 - $2,000. Students must be sure to submit invoices from the school they are attending in order for the Schools Foundation to remit payment of the scholarships.  The scholarships are paid one-half for the fall semester and one-half for the spring semester.  Students who receive a traditional scholarship may apply for the club to renew their scholarship in subsequent years.  Due to financial constraints, not all scholarships can be renewed.

Non-Traditional Students
When brought to the club’s attention, the scholarship committee also grants scholarships to non-traditional students who demonstrate financial need.  Further, the club submits one applicant per year to the Joey Robison Scholarship committee of Altrusa’s District Three Foundation.  All Applications for the Joey Robison Scholarship must be submitted to the Waynesville Club, with a postmark by January 10, for consideration by the scholarship committee, prior to the district deadline. Applications should be mailed to Scholarship Committee, Altrusa International of Waynesville, 166 Branner Ave, Suite A, Waynesville, NC 28786. (We can only choose to send in one to district, so we need time to review before our postmark deadline.)
Renewal Applicants
All RENEWAL applicants need to contact the Scholarship Committee by February 15 to request a renewal application, which is then due by March 1 by email  or mail: Scholarship Committee, Altrusa International of Waynesville, 166 Branner Ave, Suite A, Waynesville, NC 28786.

​2012 Altrusa Scholarships

Non-Traditional Student
Margaret Williams - $500

Renewals (2011 recipients that we renewed for 2012)
Austin Chambers $1000
Katie Harris $500

Sarah Rogers $1000 Altrusa Memorial Scholarship  (in memory of our local Altrusa members who have passed away)
Patric Morgan $1000
Jordan McCracken $1000
Jean Skelton $1000
Michala Muse $500

Maria Bachuk $500
Noah Henson $500 
Jordan Mann $500 
Jessalyn Rathbone $1000
Elizabeth Pina $1000

Through District Three, the Joey Robison Scholarship:
Bradley Brendell – $500

Margaret Williams - $500

2011 Altrusa Scholarships

Katie Harris $1000
Bradley King $1000
Donnie Mattingly $1000
Cameron Robinson $1000

Dustin Mull $1000
Elizabeth Rogers $1000
Austin Chambers $2000 (in honor of prior member, Jeanne Standridge)

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